ELO Digital Office is a leading manufacturer of enterprise content management systems, specializing in digital solutions for business processes for all industries and sectors. ELO Digital Office has been
on the market for 20 years.

ELO products and solutions are sold worldwide in around 20 languages and over 40 countries through a dense international ELO Business Partner network of over 1,000 systems specialists. The company has 21 locations in 17 countries.


Karl Heinz Mosbach and Matthias Thiele - Managing directors ELO Digital Office GmbH

Karl Heinz Mosbach and Matthias Thiele,
CEO and CTO of ELO Digital Office.

The company's roots are found in the renowned Louis Leitz Group of companies. And it was here that, in 1996, the electronic Leitz folder, or ELO for short, the first product for electronic document management and archiving, was born. The acronym ELO became the brand name. In 1998, the business unit became a standalone company, ELO Digital Office, which has since been headed by Karl Heinz Mosbach and Matthias Thiele. ELO quickly advanced into an international player and enjoys success on the global stage with locations in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia.

History 2016

Launch of the ELO Business Solutions. Specialized applications such as the ELO Business Solutions Invoice, Contract, Visitor, or Knowledge Management offer companies ready-to-use solutions for different business processes.

History 2014

Launch of ELO DMS Desktop. ELO DMS Desktop integrates the ELO repository into trusted Microsoft Office applications so users can continue to leverage the tools they already work with. ELO DMS Desktop is available as a standalone solution or in combination with ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise.

History 2011

Launch of the mobile application ELO for Mobile Devices. Users can now access content and functions no matter what device they're using. 

History 2004

Launch of ELOenterprise, a modular, multi-tenant capable solution. The software is designed for use beyond Windows-based systems in heterogeneous environments.

History 1998

Launch of ELOprofessional. Strong demand, coupled with more complex customer requirements, ultimately leads to the development of a product that meets the needs of bigger companies. ELOprofessional is the first product that offers an SQL database and a client/server architecture.

History 1998

ELO Digital Office emerges as a standalone company following the takeover of Leitz by Swedish company Esselte AB. ELO continues to receive positive feedback from the market, spurring the company's growth.

History 1998

In light of the excellent market response, the Louis Leitz group of companies forms a new subsidiary: Louis Leitz Digital Office.

History 1996

The Louis Leitz group of companies launches a new business division devoted to electronic filing and archiving. The ELO brand is created. ELOoffice is launched and is initially targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises.


ELO Digital Office develops products for companies of all sizes: ELOoffice is geared to smaller businesses, ELOprofessional is aimed at SMEs, and ELOenterprise is designed for large companies and corporations. The Stuttgart-based company has also developed a broad spectrum of specialized apps for its ELOprofessional and ELOenterprise product lines. The ELO Business Solutions Invoice, Contract, Visitor, and Knowledge Management provide customers with ready-to-use solutions for streamlining projects and processes.

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ELO locations

ELO Digital Office has its headquarters in Stuttgart with regional branch offices in Gera and Dortmund. As ELO's ECM systems are used around the world, the company has additional locations in Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, the Czech Republic, the USA, Brazil, Peru, Australia, and Indonesia. Furthermore, our ELO Business Partners actively support customers in implementing the ELO ECM system in a number of other countries.

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Customers of ELO Digital Office range from small trade contractors through to public authorities and major corporations. Companies of all sizes, from local small businesses to large and multinational corporations such as Lufthansa, Bilfinger, and TUI, are shining examples of how businesses can optimize their processes with ELO products.

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With innovative solutions and products for the digital world of work, ELO is always one step ahead. The numerous prizes for innovation and awards that the company has received, such as being named ECM manufacturer of the year two years running, confirm this. 

ECM manufacturer of the year
2013 and 2014

Following an online vote by customers, ELO Digital Office was awarded the title of ECM manufacturer of the year for the second time in a row on November 11, 2014 in Baden, Switzerland. The independent consulting firm Pentadoc Consulting presented ELO with the award. "Winning the ECM award again is proof that our products and solutions meet the expectations of our customers. At the same time, we see it as an incentive to continue following the newest innovative approaches and to integrate them into our ECM solutions for the benefit of our customers," said ELO CEO Karl Heinz Mosbach. ELO was also nominated in the ECM solution of the year category.

Gold ITVA award

ELO received an ITVA award for its image film trilogy "Schultze & Boss" at the awards ceremony, which took place in Eisenach in March. The three films, which are a lighthearted take on the problem of overstuffed filing cabinets, were directed by Patrick Schlosser, Creative Director at Kölner Fabrikfilm GmbH. The Integrated TV & Video Association (ITVA) awarded the film series the highest honor in the category "Corporate Image". The jury praised the humorous tone of the films, which is poles apart from the typical style of a corporate image film.


ECM solution provider

ELO Digital Office was named ECM solution provider of the year in recognition of the company's customer-focused philosophy. CEO Karl Heinz Mosbach accepted the coveted award on behalf of his company at an exclusive gala at the Marx Palast in Vienna, Austria. The objective of the ECM award is to demonstrate the benefits of enterprise content management for companies. However, the focus is not so much on the technology itself but rather on the users and their actual needs and requirements.
The votes were cast online by the users themselves instead of by a jury.

Most innovative partner award

ELO won the award for the most innovative partner for its solutions Mac Scan Workflow and ELO iPhone integration at the Fujitsu Imaging Channel Conference, which took place from April 12 to 14 in Prague. The event is designed as a forum for the partner community to network and promote ideas at one location.


Corporate responsibility is important to ELO Digital Office. The company supports local initiatives as a way of giving something back to society. These range from providing funding for projects to promote education, such as one that provides children local schools with free daily newspapers as well as a scheme that provides a local non-profit organization with free software licenses.