ELOxc for Microsoft EWS — TECHNICAL DATA

Architecture and technology

  • High-performance 64-bit Windows service
  • Web service connections to Exchange and to the ELO repository
  • Works in local, cloud, or hybrid environments

Better system performance

  • Reduces the load on mailbox databases
  • Improves response time of your e-mail system
  • Shorter maintenance windows and lower overheads

Compliance archiving

  • When used in conjunction with appropriate storage technology, it is easy to create a repository that securely stores e-mails and complies with legislation surrounding e-mail retention.
  • ELOxc uses Exchange journaling to ensure that the entire filing process remains compliant.

Integration with Outlook

  • The solution integrates into Microsoft Outlook, making it easy to search for and retrieve information and file e-mails to the correct transaction.
  • Organize your e-mails for a clean inbox: The ability to move messages from one folder to another or delete messages according to centrally configurable rules helps you free up time for other tasks.


  • Processing logic configured on a web console including graphical representations of processes
  • Easy-to-understand action trees to map even complex scenarios

Shared mailboxes and public folders

  • Easy integration of shared mailboxes in the ELOxc for Microsoft EWS e-mail management process
  • Option to migrate public folders to the ELO repository during setup so that users have full access to them

Mobile access

  • Optional ELO Web Access application for accessing information and archived e-mails from anywhere
  • Access from a smartphone, tablet, or browser


  • E-mails are filed and processed in EML format, which is supported by all standard e-mail programs.
  • Attachments remain in their original format and can be used directly from within the repository.
  • It is recommended to convert e-mails into a format such as TIFF or PDF/A at a later point as this ensures that information is retained over time.


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