Manage e-mails effectively and use information intelligently to optimize your processes.

E-mails are a valuable source of information. More often than not, the information provided in e-mails is directly business-related and contains details of previous correspondence, internal agreements, and protocols. Unlock the full potential of this information and integrate e-mails into your business processes.

ELO offers an end-to-end e-mail management solution which does a lot more than just archive e-mails.

The many benefits of e-mail management with ELO:

  • Integration of e-mails into business processes
  • Long-term e-mail archiving/IT compliance
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Less load on your e-mail server
  • Enterprise search technology for information at your fingertips


Transparent processes

All changes to a document are registered, giving you a full audit trail of the document life cycle.

Better organized

Store, retrieve, and manage all your documents in one place.

Stay compliant

All your files and documents are safely archived making it easier to comply with data retention policies.

Integrated third-party systems

Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and enables information to travel between disparate systems.

Lower overheads

Do away with paper-based filing systems, which are expensive and arduous to manage.

Save time

Get work done faster by automating time-consuming manual tasks and using smart search tools.

Would you like to find out more? Read our white paper on e-mail management with ELO.

"Thanks to e-mail archiving with ELO, we have finally found a solution that ensures compliance with long-term document retention requirements."

Martin Nicklich, CEO, SPEKTRA Schwingungstechnik und Akustik GmbH Dresden


ELO e-mail management for Microsoft Outlook

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS is the ideal solution for the Microsoft environment.

  • Seamless integration in Microsoft Outlook
  • Structured, process-related filing
  • ELOxc server module for rule-based e-mail archiving
  • Revision controlled storage of data and documents in the e-mail
  • Equally suited for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid systems


Find out more about ELOxc for Microsoft EWS in our product brochure.

ELO e-mail management for IBM Notes

ELO for IBM Notes is designed specifically for use in an IBM Notes environment.

  • Seamless integration in IBM Notes and Domino
  • Uses the SAND interface for automated (server-based) archiving 
  • Processes e-mails according to specific archiving actions
  • Modular application server runs on almost every operating system (e.g. Windows, Unix, Solaris)
  • System architecture based on a central repository
  • Developed based on Java technology

ELO solutions


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