ELO ERP integration maps and migrates data from your ERP system, empowering you to automate and streamline business processes.

Your ERP and ECM systems need to work together to ensure that information can be exchanged quickly within your organization. As a central ECM information platform, ELO seamlessly integrates ERP system environments and ensures end-to-end process automation.
ELO interfaces with all common ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, or Sage.

Benefits of the ELO ECM Suite:

  • Central information platform
  • Compliance and long-term data retention
  • Transparent business processes
  • Streamlined, automated workflows


Efficient processes

Automating processes improves productivity and reduces costs.

Individual permissions

The ELO permissions system lets you define authorized users and control access to information.

At your fingertips

The current status of a project and related details are never more than a click away.

Drive up satisfaction

Staff no longer waste time searching for documents, which benefits employees and customers alike.

Productive teamwork

Collaboration tools enable employees to exchange information quickly and easily and foster effective teamwork.

Integrated third-party systems

Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and enables information to travel between disparate systems.

ELO solutions


No matter what your business needs are, we have the right solution. Arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts to discuss what ELO can do for you.