ELO workflows route information where and when it is needed.

Automating business processes with workflows allows information to travel easily within your organization. This is vital for ensuring that time-critical documents and information get to those who need it, when they need it. Add value to your company by streamlining processes, empowering you to approve requests faster and make informed decisions. Having kicked off a process, you are able to view and track all actions at every step of the workflow.

Feature of:

Ad hoc workflow

Manage sequential or parallel business processes with a simple workflow.

Default workflow

Use workflows for frequently recurring and complex business transactions.

Form-based workflow

Create your own workflow forms with the integrated designer.

Find out more about workflows in our ELOprofessional 10 brochure.


Build your own processes

  • Create custom workflows with the workflow designer.
  • Integrate server-side processing rules.
  • Benefit from simple scripting options.
  • Trace decisions made in a workflow.

Integrated form designer

  • Create custom forms for managing business processes.
  • Define subforms for different users and groups.
  • Easily integrate own scripts in forms.


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