Architecture and technology

  • SOA compliant modular client-server architecture
  • High-performance 64-bit Windows service
  • Web service connections to Exchange and to the ELO repository

Operating systems

  • Windows, macOS, UNIX, Linux

Scalable, high-performance application

  • ELOenterprise is equipped with cluster technology to guard against
    system failure.
  • Ability to run multiple tenants on one server.
  • Ability to run instances in parallel and distribute server components to ensure optimal throughput, even when server load is heavy.

Security and data protection

  • Uses SSL for secure data transfer between all services and modules.
  • ELO permissions system lets you control who has access to data.
  • Archive documents without compromising security.

Mobile access

  • Smartphone or tablet access to the ELO ECM Suite with the ELO 10 for Mobile Devices app
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Browser access to the ELO repository with the ELO Web Client

Multi-client capabilities

  • ELO Java Client: Full functionality on all platforms based on
    Java technology
  • ELO Windows Client: Default client for Windows
  • ELO Web Client: Browser-based access to the ELO repository
  • ELO Client for Microsoft Outlook: ECM functionality for
    Microsoft Outlook
  • ELO Clients for Microsoft Office: Integrates ELO in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • ELO File System Client: Integrates ELO as a drive in Windows Explorer


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