The enterprise content management system ELOprofessional provides you with all the functions you need to effectively manage, quickly access, and securely control information throughout its entire life cycle.

To streamline processes and improve productivity, information needs to be readily accessible. Enterprise content management (ECM) solutions deliver the foundation for businesses to meet such requirements.

ELOprofessional is a solution portfolio that lets you get the most out of your information and processes — for efficiency and transparency company-wide.

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Information capture

ELOprofessional provides a wide range of options for capturing information — from automated scanning to bulk imports.


ELOprofessional has modules and interfaces that extract information from different sources and feed it into a central system.

ELO workflow

ELO workflows manage processes across all departments, enabling you to complete tasks quickly and without compromising security.


ELOprofessional features many useful functions that enable users to collaborate on documents.

Document processing

ELOprofessional has numerous tools to enable fast, automated processing of paper-based and digital documents in the mailroom.

Navigation and search

Easy navigation combined with a powerful search tool allows you to find information and documents quickly and effortlessly.

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ELOprofessional offers a range of innovative features designed to optimize and future-proof your business. Standard features of the software include multiple options for analyzing data in real time, state-of-the-art search technology, and functions for automating processes.

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