ELOxc for Microsoft EWS is a powerful e-mail management solution that reduces the load on your Exchange Server and helps you meet retention requirements.

Today, e-mail management is an essential tool for every business, regardless of whether the systems used to store e-mails need to comply with recordkeeping requirements, speed up internal processes, or simply to make sure that the information contained in the e-mail is available on demand.

An efficient e-mail management system ensures that information within your organization is routed properly, helping to streamline your processes. ELOxc for Microsoft EWS provides all the e-mail management functions that your business needs.

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS

Flexibility and a solid investment

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS works with Exchange Online, hosted or local Exchange servers, and hybrid e-mail environments, and offers client-based or server-based archiving.

Ramp up efficiency

Central archiving optimizes server performance at lower storage overheads. Processed e-mails are moved to the ELO repository, reducing load on Exchange databases.

Secure archiving

ELOxc for Microsoft EWS uses journal archiving, enabling you to meet compliance requirements.


Launch as many instances of ELOxc for Microsoft EWS as required to process high volumes of data without compromising performance.

Seamless integration

The system integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook and the ELO ECM Suite, providing a superior platform for managing information across your organization.


Streamlining the e-mail life cycle helps ensure that information is available faster and that your downstream workflows run smoothly.

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ELOxc for Microsoft EWS is flexible. You decide whether you want to use client-based archiving or server-based archiving, or a combination of both.

Client-based archiving

The archiving process occurs manually on the user's workstation.

Server-based archiving

Archiving takes place according to specified rules and time periods.

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