Patient records, and financial and administrative data in one system — ELO provides the information you need at your fingertips, giving you more time for your patients.

Telemedicine and e-health are changing the world of healthcare. The industry is highly regulated and there are stringent requirements for dealing with and storing sensitive patient data. Clinics and practices are faced with the challenge of ever-growing amounts of paper records while striving to keep costs to a minimum.

Sophisticated solutions — our ELO ECM system keeps all your digital information safe and in one place:

  • Patient records including physician notes, reports, prescriptions, and invoices
  • Administrative documents from accounting and procurement departments
  • Research papers, clinical studies, and documentation


Work on the go

Access documents and make informed decisions, even when you are out of the office.

Transparent processes

All changes to a document are registered, giving you a full audit trail of the document life cycle.

Stay compliant

All your files and documents are safely archived making it easier to comply with data retention policies.

Better organized

Store, retrieve, and manage all your documents in one place.

Lower overheads

Do away with paper-based filing systems, which are expensive and arduous to manage.

Individual permissions

The ELO permissions system lets you define authorized users and control access to information.

"What helps our employees most is the fact that ELO retrieves data from our information system in an instant."

Dr. Poppinga, St. Joseph-Hospital, Bremerhaven

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