An electronic document management system that speeds up processes and offers revision control is key to ensuring that companies are able to innovate and meet certification requirements.

A system that streamlines the collaboration workflow helps businesses to innovate more rapidly, pinpoint problems, reduce development cycle time, and get products to market faster.

ELO integrates with specialist applications such as CAD, measurement and analysis software, ensuring end-to-end transparency in your information and processes.

ELO is the central information hub for your organization. Employees benefit from collaborative applications that enable mobile working, transparent approval processes, and intelligent data analysis.


Efficient processes

Automating processes improves productivity and reduces costs.

Individual permissions

The ELO permissions system lets you define authorized users and control access to information.

Stay compliant

All your files and documents are safely archived making it easier to comply with data retention policies.

Integrated third-party systems

Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and enables information to travel between disparate systems.

Save time

Get work done faster by automating time-consuming manual tasks and using smart search tools.

Productive teamwork

Collaboration tools enable employees to exchange information quickly and easily and foster effective teamwork.

"ELO files documents straight to the designated folders so we are able to find customer data and project files in an instant. This is absolutely essential given the large volume of orders that we have, and we always know what the current status is."

Mario Heller, engineer and CTO, INDUKANT GmbH

ELO solutions


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