ELO is a central information resource that helps organizations connect people and data.

The ability to share ideas, knowledge, and best practices is crucial for success. Providing employees with the information they need to complete their daily tasks is essential to achieve the best possible results. This calls for appropriate tools that give people access to all the relevant information they need. Knowledge management with ELO is much more than just collecting and managing information and documents.

Business Solution ELO Knowledge integrates all your data into an intelligent knowledge database. Powerful interfaces break down in-house data silos to create a centrally accessible information and knowledge repository, ensuring data integration among all departments. ELO facilitates effective knowledge transfer and enables you to build a strong foundation for long-term success.


Efficient processes

Automating processes improves productivity and reduces costs.

Transparent processes

All changes to a document are registered, giving you a full audit trail of the document life cycle.

At your fingertips

The current status of a project and related details are never more than a click away.

Better organized

Store, retrieve, and manage all your documents in one place.

Productive teamwork

Collaboration tools enable employees to exchange information quickly and easily and foster effective teamwork.

Individual permissions

The ELO permissions system lets you define authorized users and control access to information.

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Knowledge base

Every single employee has a wealth of expertise and experience, but this needs to be properly channeled in order to be beneficial to colleagues. Having a central knowledge portal helps eliminate in-house data silos and connect information across your organization. The ability to tap into existing knowledge and ideas lets employees find solutions faster.

Work together to find solutions

Ask questions, post answers, or drive good ideas forward. Knowledge spaces give employees numerous possibilities to collaborate.

  • Rate questions.
  • Contribute possible solutions and ideas.
  • Add comments and reply to posts.
  • Mark a reply as a solution.
  • Award points to particularly active users.

Community-driven knowledge management

  • Establish a community where your employees enjoy sharing knowledge.
  • Drive good ideas forward.
  • Combines discussion forums, Q&A systems, a knowledge base, and idea management in a single user interface.
  • Employees who actively promote the knowledge-sharing community can be rewarded accordingly.

ELO solutions


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