Be future-ready. Transform your administrative tasks with our solution for the public sector.

Business Solution ELO Public Sector, the e-records solution from ELO, is designed to meet the special requirements placed by public authorities on managing records, enabling automation of document-intensive processes for greater efficiency.

Our proven ELO technology ensures maximum efficiency and better compliance with information security policies and legal requirements. The solution gives employees direct access to required information and offers a wide range of functionalities to better support daily tasks and processes.

  • Ensures long-term preservation of electronic document-based information. Stores and transfers files and documents containing sensitive data securely.
  • Eliminating manual tasks greatly enhances efficiency in administrative procedure while streamlining workflows and routine processes.
  • Seamless integration with systems makes it easier for the user to switch to electronic records management with ELO.
  • Centralized access to all information across departments and locations improves collaboration, reduces transition time in moving files, and enables employees to provide information on the spot.


Efficient processes

Automating processes improves productivity and reduces costs.

Work on the go

Access documents and make informed decisions, even when you are out of the office.

Stay compliant

All your files and documents are safely archived making it easier to comply with data retention policies.

At your fingertips

The current status of a project and related details are never more than a click away.

Integrated third-party systems

Seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and enables information to travel between disparate systems.

Transparent processes

All changes to a document are registered, giving you a full audit trail of the document life cycle.

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