ELO Analytics – cutting-edge technology for analyzing data from your ELO system

ELO Analytics is a powerful tool that gives you comprehensive, valuable insight into your data. Connect data from different sources within your ELO system and maintain a clear picture of your company's performance. Unlock the full power of information in files, documents, or e-mails and get actionable information from your data resources.

Feature of:

Best-in-class analytics technology

Analyze and structure vast amounts of data in seconds.

Integrated data

Eliminate the need for external business intelligence tools.

Custom dashboards

Flexible visualization options help make sense of big data.

Data protection and security

Assign rights in ELO via group and role functions.

Find out more in our ELO Analytics brochure.


Intelligible dashboards

  • Create a custom dashboard for invoice ledgers, contract management reports, or personnel files with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Benefit from global filter options.
  • Locate information quickly, even when you have millions of documents.

Custom views

  • Create different views in a matter of seconds to help identify overdue invoices, etc.
  • Make sense of complex data with bar charts, line graphs, or pie charts.
  • Customize views quickly as your needs change.


No matter what your business needs are, we have the right solution. Arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts to discuss what ELO can do for you.