'ELO Business Solutions' offer an extended range of functions

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At the IT & Business trade fair, ELO Digital Office will present its Business Solutions. Visitor, invoice, and contract management as well as electronic records management for the public sector are easy to implement and afford standardized best practice approaches. The developer of enterprise content management (ECM) systems has optimized these solutions in the areas of evaluation, tracking, and collaboration, including new features for employee self-service.

The 'ELO Business Solutions' share a dashboard for tracking and creating various evaluations. For example, the solution for contract management helps users maintain an overview of all current contracts including their conditions, and to keep with payment and termination deadlines. Furthermore, a timeline gives full visibility into relationships between contracts. An example of this could be a temporary employment contract linked to a car lease, the second of which needs to be terminated with advance notice.

Collaboration functions are also available to help users accomplish their tasks. For example, the ELO feed enables a content and document - related exchange of information and facilitates teamwork. The feed also outlines the version history of a document as well as the associated processes. Users can now also subscribe to information, such as changes or amendments to contracts.

Since employees frequently need some and not all available functions, the Business Solutions have been tailored to Employee Self Service. Individual approval processes, such as vacation requests, can now be represented by a tile, which can be integrated into the intranet or similar portals, giving employees easy access to them. "With these new options for integration, we incorporate individual ELO functions directly into Microsoft SharePoint or an intranet portal of your choice. This allows employees to request vacation, submit their travel expense reports, or register visitors with just a click of the mouse,” reports Nils Mosbach, Head of the Business Solutions Department.

Overview of the other ELO Business Solutions:

  • Taking into account different formats and standards such as ZUGFeRD, ELO Business Solution Invoice:processes incoming invoices in full and transfers the retrieved data automatically to all common ERP systems. Users can monitor the status of all incoming invoices on the invoice dashboard. Different evaluation and reporting functions provide for transparency and efficient invoice management and ensure discount deadlines and due dates are met. Custom approval processes can also be implemented. All process steps are logged and documented end-to-end.
  • ELO Business Solution Visitor lets you digitally monitor and track the entire visit process from the time when the visit is requested until the moment when the visitor le aves the building. You can quickly record visitor data, including a picture, and issue visitor badges. This keeps an overview of how many visitors are currently on company premises and who they are, and to respond properly in the event of an emergency. You can also make a strong first impression with a welcome screen. Have your guests sign security regulations and confidentiality agreements digitally. The solution even ensures secure archiving including permissions-based access to data.
  • ELO Business Solution Public Sector focuses on electronic records management with digital processing and collaboration features. Configurable templates for process control and a feed help users to complete their tasks and keep an overview of tasks. Sophisticated permissions concepts protect sensitive data while ensuring revision controlled long-term archiving. As a result, the solution meets the special needs of public authorities.

The 'ELO Business Solutions' are compatible with mobile devices and can also be linked to different third-party systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

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